Bumper to Bumper provides complete services for fleet operators. The provided service is driver-focused and provides an increase in customers’ satisfaction, while delivering cost and operational efficiencies through the application of expertise and the removal of a non-core business function.

Fleet services include :

  • Quick Service services
  • Quick Lube services
  • Body Shop services
  • Detailing & car wash services
  • Road side assistance

Our programs are scalable to suit your needs and provide :

  • Price transparency & multi-bid, cost-focused solutions
  • Operational efficiency & invoice accuracy
  • High service delivery
  • Full contractual compliance

Extracting the maximum value and accountability is often a difficult process, requiring specialist knowledge of both the industry and supplier base. A Fleet Service Supplier addresses these issues.

A key benefit of Fleet Service Supply is as a result of the business not being a dealership or single brand service provider. Because there is no vested interest in one brand supply, we are able to manage multiple fleet companies and other suppliers as an extension of your business, avoiding the traditional price-sharing barriers that exist between competing companies.

A correctly supplied service will provide a number of benefits for any business - some tangible, others less so:

  • Optimise your time and resource efficiencies
  • Deliver multi-brand service solutions
  • Increase cost efficiencies*
  • Manage and reduce costs more effectively
  • Improve third-party (your customer)/driver satisfaction
  • Ensure contractual compliance
  • Assure invoice management and accuracy
  • Provide detailed management information

Through the application of our experience and expertise, aligned with your business’ objectives, we ensure that your interests are best represented and protected at all times.