Travel Tips

Travel Tips (summer)

  • Check the levels of all car`s vital fluids – including motor oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid and top-off or change them as needed
  • Keep a gallon of distilled water in the trunk of your vehicle. If your vehicle starts to overheat, pour the water into the radiator to temporary cool it down until you can get to a service station.(do not open the radiator cap until the vehicle has cooled down)
  • Check the pressure and wear of your tires, including spare. Over or under-inflation can weaken your tires, cause uneven-tread wear and impact your gas mileage
  • Rotate and balance your tires before your tips so they wear evenly
  • Make sure your headlights, tail lights, turn signals, parking lights, and license plate lights are all working. Replace any that may have burned out. Make sure wiper blades are in good condition in case you run into any unexpected storms. Visually inspect your vehicle`s belts, tubes, and hoses. Replace any that are cracked or leaking

Perform Bumper to Bumper Summer Check!

Travel Tips (winter)

  • Check windshield wiper blades to make sure they work properly. Test the anti-freeze/coolant to provide the correct level of protection required in your driving area
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full. The extra volume can help reduce moisture problems in your fuel system
  • Make sure that brake lights, turn signals, headlights and rear lights are working properly. Also check the inside dashboard lights. The dome light, and the glove box light
  • Look at the top and side of the battery. If you see a build-up of dirt, clean it with a rag. A dirty battery can drain a few amps of electricity
  • Check belts on the inside for cracks. If cracks are deep, the belt may be in danger of breaking and should be replaced

Perform Bumper to Bumper Winter Check!